Floor globes of crystal glass


The production of globes with mouthblown crystalglassshpere is charaterized by outstanding craftsmanship. These globes truly are masterpieces. During their traditional production nothing is left to a chance. A unique globe in mind solid manual labour is done with greatest precision and control. Production speed is subordinated.

Especially the production of the mouthblown, 51 cm big crystalglassspheres are a challenge, that only few glass artist worldwide are willing to face. As a result it takes various days until the chosen materials are combined with great experience, ability and passion to a cartographical and visual masterpiece.

Each map is printed on special hand-made paper and only obtains its characteristic look after many high-precision fine grid printing runs. The precision and printed image are currently unrivalled. Once the sphere is lovingly and meticulously hand-coated, the precious map is sealed with a high-quality lacquering.

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