Handcrafted vs. Vacuumformed

Handcrafted globes

Handcrafted globes

Divided into 12 segments, the map is hand-coated on our globes.

Our traditionally manufactured globes are available with acrylic glass spheres or mouth-blown crystal glass spheres. The map is offset printed onto special paper. It captivates thanks to its brilliant colours combined with the highest level of detail.

The grid point is virtually invisible to the human eye due to the ultrafine resolution. Quick side note for experts: COLUMBUS globes are printed using a 105 grid, whereas competitors usually use a 60 grid.

The following maps are applied this way:

Vacuumformed globes

Tiefgezogene Globen

Modern production of machine-made globes is achieved through the deep drawing process. First, the map is printed onto flat film with distortion. The process of ‘deep drawing’ cancels this distortion out.

The globes made exclusively of acrylic are produced as two hemispheres. Then, they are permanently fixed together at the equator. This tried and tested method has been used by COLUMBUS on the Duplex™ since 1965. Back then, it was a huge step towards mass production.


You will get these globes with the following maps:

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