Globe with two maps

Patented in the 1950s already, the DUO™ globe system by COLUMBUS was the first dual map system in the world, allowing the display of two different maps on one globe for the first time.

Consequent further development led to the DUPLEX™ map on mechanically produced deep drawn globes.

Colour theory is at the basis of the DUO™ system, more specifically, colour mixing. For example, when unlit, a COLUMBUS DUO™ globe shows you the political map of our earth. Once the globe’s light is turned on, the colours printed on the inside of the globe mix with those on the outside, resulting in a map which seems new to the human eye – in the case of the DUO™, a view of the physical features of our world.

Click on the different maps below and watch the change from an unlit to a lit up globe. COLUMBUS uses 12 print runs on the inside of a globe so that your globe exudes a pleasant atmosphere in the evening.

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