What does former foreign minister Westerwelle have to do with COLUMBUS?

The former foreign minister Westerwelle honoured COLUMBUS as one of Germany’s most beautiful manufacturers.

What does a COLUMBUS globe have to do with ‘digital’?

COLUMBUS was the first manufacturer to create an intersection between ‘analogue’ globes and digital content with the audio/video pen, the COLUMBUS discovery pen, and the globe app.

Which famous bestselling author wrote the accompanying book to the moon globe?

Werner Tiki Küstenmacher (‘Simplify your life’) wrote the accompanying book to the COLUMBUS globe Der Mond.

COLUMBUS and KOSMOS – what do they have to do with each other?

The publishing houses COLUMBUS and KOSMOS formed a joint partnership in 2017, which is why all KOSMOS globes, whether for kids or adults, are produced exclusively in Germany by COLUMBUS.

COLUMBUS and Angela Merkel – what do they have to do with each other?

On her journey to medium-sized companies and on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the publishing house, Angela Merkel visited COLUMBUS.

Which COLUMBUS globe was given the Silver Award by Worlddidac?

Worlddidac, an association which promotes and develops didactic and pedagogical teaching materials, honoured it with the internationally renowned Silver Award.

Where are COLUMBUS globes produced?

Until today, COLUMBUS globes are exclusively produced in Germany.

Who produces the largest globes in series?

COLUMBUS produces the largest globes (Magnum globes) in series with a diameter of 65 cm, 77 cm, 100 cm and a whopping 200 cm.

Do free-floating globes exist?

In the year 2000, COLUMBUS presented the first serial produced globe with a free-floating sphere. However, these models are not available in the current range of globes anymore.

Who said, ‘The best globes we’ve ever had’?

Former vice president of the map provider National Geographic Society, Kevin Allen, said the following words about the models of the world made by COLUMBUS: ‘The best globes we’ve ever had’.

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