Maps with the highest printing quality

We use a very high-resolution 105 grid to print our globes.

The grid point is virtually invisible to the human eye due to this ultrafine resolution. On the one hand, we achieve optimal printing quality with the finest gradients and the most brilliant colour gradations. On the other hand, we create far better preconditions for the mechanical production of the deep drawn globes. After our globes have been overextended in the deep drawing process, they still display a very fine grid (ca. 60 grid). Generally, our competitors print their premium globes on a ‘mere’ 60 grid. After deep drawing, these globes ‘only’ end up with a 38 grid.

However, the precision, the level of detail and the brilliant images of our hand-glued globes are unrivalled too. These maps aren’t overextended afterwards, which is why they don’t lose their high resolution anymore.

Comparison printing grid from COLUMBUS globes vs. competitor

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