Vacuum formed globes

Presented in 1965, the DUPLEX globe was produced in this deep drawing process and was yet another innovation in globe manufacturing COLUMBUS brought to the table. This deep drawing process allowed almost all clients to purchase a high-quality and yet extremely cheap COLUMBUS globe.

First, the map of the earth is divided into northern and southern hemisphere. The next step is concerned with a two-dimensional projection in our cartography. In our own printing works, this projection is subsequently printed on flat film with the highest possible accuracy. These print films are then vacuum formed into the shape of a semi-sphere with the deep drawing process. Afterwards, the semi-sphere is stabilised with hot acrylic glass granules and tightly sealed with the print film. Then, the northern and southern hemisphere are connected at the equator.

Even today, this manufacturing technique, which we have perfected for decades, allows us to offer you premium COLUMBUS models at an especially low price.

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