Welcome to Columbus

Tradition is very important to us. But the oldest still producing globe manufacturer in the world has more to offer.

All COLUMBUS globes and maps are developed and manufactured in Germany.

The maps are hand-coated to the mouth-blown crystal glass spheres with passion and great love.


Being a globe manufacturer, the world is placed before us daily. That is the reason, why we pay special attention to sustainability in our production and in how we treat our employees and clients.

Experience from over five generations makes COLUMBUS the leading brand of globes in the specialist trade and a forerunner in the entire industry.


Learn more about energy supply, the materials used in the production of our globes, right up to the treatment of our employees.


How do you change the bulb? What does hand-coated mean? You can find this and other information as well as videos about your globes here.


How does a COLUMBUS globe offer real added value? Experience your globe with the interactive tools of the audio video pen.

OID (optical image decoding)

COLUMBUS Explorer Pen

The hand-coated COLUMBUS globes come with audio/video technology as standard, allowing the sensor at the tip of the pen to read a code on the globe. This code is linked to a wide variety of audio and video files.

The pen detects the code upon touching the globe and plays the respective file via the integrated loudspeaker or the headphone output.

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