In the meantime, the fifth generation is working at COLUMBUS

COLUMBUS is located in Krauchenwies, right next to the princely gardens, which are protected as European natural heritage. We generate our own electricity using PV systems. Depending on the weather, we produce roughly 85%–88% carbon-neutral electricity (175 MWh/197 MWh in 2011). The wood for our turnery exclusively comes from sustainable forestry, meaning forest areas must maintain their biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity and vitality. Not meeting the quality standards of premium COLUMBUS globes, out-of-spec parts that accumulate during any production process, no matter how meticulous, are regranulated in a grinder, refined and added to non-visible parts in a specially designed mono-sandwich procedure.


Our longstanding employees receive the same kind of attention. Since their life plans of course change of the years, COLUMBUS always cooperates and aligns the job with the current life situation. For COLUMBUS, value-centred management geared towards sustainability is in no small part about shouldering social responsibility towards staff. Our employees’ interests play a significant role in all our business decisions.

We don’t only feel committed to values like respect and fairness, but we also realise that our business success is only possible thanks to the expertise and commitment of our staff. That is why we design working conditions as optimally as possible. This includes appropriate pay, high occupational health and safety standards as well as flexible working hours and a comprehensive choice of training and qualification programmes. We provide selected trainee mentors, who don’t only accompany the trainee in the professional environment but also in their social environment. Foreign employees who started working at COLUMBUS as temporary employees were led towards their desired profession during dual training and now occupy managerial positions. Women make up 50% of management at COLUMBUS! Whether it’s about valuing employees, working efficiently or producing ecologically – the goal must always lie in reconciling economy, ecology as well as societal and social responsibility.                    

Your Oestergaard family

CEO Torsten Oestergaard on the topic of sustainability

Manager Torsten Oestergaard on the topic sustainability (german)

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